Our revised draft plan

We need to invest in new sources of water and modernise our infrastructure to protect supplies and reduce the risk of us running dry during prolonged periods of drought.

Our region is one of the driest in the UK

In, developing our plan we looked at a wide range of potential solutions to address future challenges and plug the shortfall between the amount of water we have and the amount we need. These include making the most of the water supplies we have (leakage and demand reduction solutions), creating new sources of water (water supply solutions), and improving catchment areas (nature-based solutions). The buttons below provide more information on these solutions.

We are confident that as well planning for a secure, safe and dependable water supply in our area, our plan will add value for our economy, society and the environment.

Leakage and demand reduction solutions

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Water supply solutions

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Nature-based solutions

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Our revised draft plan sets out how much we need to invest to ensure we have a secure and sustainable water supply for future generations. It includes ambitious targets to tackle leaks and reduce demand for water in our area. These actions, together with temporary drought measures, contribute around 80% of the forecast shortfall by 2050. But these measures won't be enough and we also need to plan and develop new water sources. A summary of our revised draft plan is shown here.

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A summary of the public consultation and our revised draft plan can be read here.