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Thames Water invites Oxfordshire residents to find out more about ambitious water supply plans

8 November 2023

  • Thames Water will be hosting two community information events in Oxfordshire to share its plans to provide a secure and sustainable water supply for the next 50 years.
  • The ambitious plans include a new reservoir near Abingdon which would provide up to 271 mega litres of water per day – the equivalent to around 3 million baths.
  • The company predicts it will need an extra 1 billion litres of water every day by 2050 to meet customer demand, expected population growth and effects of climate change.

Thames Water is inviting its customers, communities and stakeholders to find out more and discuss plans to protect future water resources across Oxfordshire and the South East.

The company’s plans include a new 150 Mm3 reservoir near Abingdon which would help secure water for around 15 million people across the South East, supplying Thames Water, Southern Water and Affinity Water customers.

Thames Water forecasts over 2 million more people will live in London and the Thames Valley by 2050, which is the equivalent of the whole of Birmingham and Leeds moving in. The new reservoir will play an essential role in ensuring a resilient water supply for future generations.

Nevil Muncaster, Strategic Partnerships Director at Thames Water, said: “We need to act now if we are to secure water supply for future generations and remain resilient against the impact of the climate crisis.

“A new reservoir will provide water to 15 million people across the South East and will bring huge social and economic benefits to the area. It will be so much more than a place to store water and will have a lasting legacy, creating a space where people can walk, cycle and sail.

“We’re inviting customers and communities to find out more about the plans and are hosting two events during November, where they can discover the range of benefits that the reservoir will bring, from new jobs to recreational opportunities.”

Dates of community information events:

Friday 10 November: East Hanney War Memorial Hall, OX12 0JL (2pm to 8pm) - sign-up here

Wednesday 15 November: Steventon Milton Hill House, OX13 6AF (2pm to 8pm) - sign-up here

The events follow on from the publication of Thames Water’s revised draft Water Resources Management Plan at the end of August. It outlines the actions and investment required to deliver a secure and sustainable water supply, for the next 50 years and beyond.

The wider plan includes ambitious leakage and customer demand reduction targets, alongside the development of new water resources.

Event attendees can learn about the reservoir, along with the challenges that we need to plan for including, climate change, population growth and the need to reduce the amount of water taken from rivers and chalk streams to protect the environment.

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